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Looking to buy a new gift for a loved one, or make some fast money off your unused electronics? Our inventory includes iPods, tablet computers, gaming systems, TVs, stereos, and computers. Like everything else in our inventory, everything is tested and guaranteed to be in good working order.


We buy, sell, and make pawn loans on jewelry of all types. We'll buy your old and broken gold, even damaged or dental gold. We welcome gold, silver, or platinum in any condition. We buy and make pawn loans on a variety of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and more.

Loans are made according the value of the piece you have to offer. The piece is appraised on the spot, and then an offer is made.


Everything from acoustic to electric instruments can be found, including guitars, drums, and DJ equipment—pretty much all the equipment you need to form a band. The condition of our inventory is lightly to moderately used, and guaranteed to work properly.

We carry a variety of tools, including power tools, hand tools, machine tools, and home and garden tools. We'll buy, sell, or make a pawn loan on almost any tools. For a pawn shop loan, simply bring in the tool or tools you wish to part with, and we'll appraise it on the spot.

We offer quality lightly to moderately used tools for sale for home, commercial, and construction uses. All of our tools are guaranteed and tested to work before they are sold, or before we provide a loan.
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